AL cross-compiler

The AL cross-compiler can analyze AL code and generate code in other programming languages. This can help you in automated build environments, where you want to keep a single code base.

Example: Use .NET only if not targeting an extension

The code is analyzed and transformed into a intermediate language, which also allows us to perform source code analysis. You can, for example, use the tool to perform syntax compliant checks before committing into your central repository and many more. We’ve also used the functionality to generate profiling builds, which embedded performance counters into all function calls and there are many more possibilities. 

Use cases

In combination with our pre-processor you can even create your C/AL objects directly from your AL code. This will allow you to develop in a central repository for several targets. You can also start using VS Code today with older Microsoft Dynamics installations.

We’d the following use-cases in mind, when developing the software:

  • ISV vendors that need to support older Microsoft Dynamics NAV platforms, as well as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
  • Upgrade projects, where you want to start developing in Visual Studio code while still using the ols platform
  • Check source code for programming guideline compliance
  • Generate special builds, for example, with integrated performance counters
  • Source code obfuscation (see Obfuscator)

How to get it / Free trial

We’d like to know what you want to use the software to and support you during the first steps. Please contact us to arrange a free trial (contact details are at the end of this page). 

Frequently Ask Questions

  • Which object types are supported?
    • At the moment we support Codeunit, Tables, Pages and Reports. We plan to add support for “Page Extensions” etc. as well
  • What target languages are supported?
    • At the moment we focus on C/AL as the target format . In  theory the architecture is open to cross-compile the code to other programming languages as well. Please contact us, if you have a use-case.
  • Which versions of C/AL targets do you support?
    • We support all versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV from 2009 upwards.

Documentation and Help


If you need any help using our tools and did not find the information you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us.