The Acavor cross-compiler allows you to take your AL code and generate code in other languages from it. Currently we’ve focused the development on generating C/AL code for older Microsoft Dynamics NAV versions. The basic idea is that you can maintain one central codebase, while supporting different target versions. The cross-compiler works perfectly together with the pre-compiler.

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The free AL pre-compiler allows you to put conditional statements in your AL code for different build targets. This can be used for Debug builds, to support different feature sets from the same codebase, or to reflect different approaches for different versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) and NAV. For example supporting extensions with and without .NET support without having to create several projects.

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If you need to get insights into AL code our tools might help you. Learn more, why you should use advanced source code analysis

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Protect your source code by using Acavor’s obfuscator to change your source code to hard to read “garbage”, which still works as before.

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